Sydney : Where we did not go and why

6:54 AM

Husband with the iconic Three Sister in Blue Mountains (Billboard)

Most travelers will add a day trip to Blue Mountains during their Sydney trip. My husband and I, however totally skip that in our own self-made itineraries based on our own, personal judgement/interests.

We went to the Featherdale Wildlife Park which is enroute to Blue Mountains

But to me personally, I didn't fancy going because the view looks pretty normal to me. 

..and probably because on our own way back to the Sydney Airport, we saw this billboard of Three Sisters and I thought, 

"Hey Sayang (darling), come take a photo here. This one got a clearer, better view hahaha"

When we got on the plane going back (SYD-KUL), for the first time ever, my husband asked if we could repeat the Sydney trip next time.

Me being a very good wife, granted, already booked our flight to Sydney again early 2017. *Hehehe*

When is asked which part of the trip that he really likes to repeat, he said EVERYTHING (especially Bondi Beach). So yeah, Hello Sydney! (& Melbourne)

This one made up for the trip we skipped *cry hard*

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