Travelogue : Sydney, NSW, Australia (3 of 5)

11:56 PM

Part 3 of 5 : Bondi Beach, Paddy's Market, Max Brenner

I decided to meet up with Amie later this day. But while Amie had to attend classes we decided hit the beach. 

Note : Bondi Beach is definitely on top of my wish list! *cry so much*

I soooo envy the Sydneysiders for having a beach so close to their main city. Their CBD is already so pretty (picture perfect everywhere) and Bondi Beach is even prettier!

I hereby declare that Bondi Beach is the prettiest Beach Ive ever been to!

From where we got off the bus

*I cry soo hard one of my dreams come true*

Bondi Pavilion

*Still crying*

We reached at the Speedo's Cafe Bondi to match with the beach theme (and our attire) ekekek

View from our seat

Our big breakfast!

Breakfast with a view

After breakfast we took a dip in the beach. Note : Photos taken are not for public view

I still can remember the clear, icy cold water 

Happy face

After some dip we changed clothes and took photos around graffiti walls and walk from Bondi to Bronte through its designated walkway. Still cant get over Bondi Beach!

I choose peace and love

He chooses wing and strong

Us with Bondi Beach at the back

Best photo of the day! 
#OOTD On him & her : Zara Outerwear. We LOVE Zara!

Arrived back near the Phillip St

Back at the Hotel

Dont forget to swipe

Before we met with Amie near Central Park Mall for dinner, we decided to walk around the Central Sydney

And then we found Mamak Restaurant (famously blogged about)

And we reached the Market City!

Below Market City is the Paddy's Market which is the best place to buy cheap souvenirs. So we shop! Until Amie texted me saying she's done with her class, we just walked from the Market City towards Central Park Mall

Central Park Mall

And then we had dinner. Thanks Amie for suggesting this delicious ribs!

And we straightaway proceed to some desserts over looooong conversation with Amie since I havent seen her for a while *rindu*

Amie and I

We had desserts at Max Brenner 

And we went to Woolworths Central Park to buy some snacks and drinks and then this:

So frigging cheapppp! Strawberry isnt our local fruit so yeah, as a Malaysian I found this superbly cheap

Our catch of the day (From Paddy's Market and Woolworths)

*Note : Will insert cost breakdown later*

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