Travelogue : Sydney, NSW, Australia (1 of 5)

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Part 1 of 5 : Arrival, Travelodge Phillip St, Sydney (review)

Sydney, 2016

Well, my top 3 destinations are as follows :
1. Bali
2. Sydney
3. Paris

So the Sydney trip was actually planned way earlier around in ca. 2015. And honestly I planned going to Sydney in August 2015, but the initial plan got delayed when I found out I got pregnant *Alhamdulillah*

Note : I miscarriage once, so for the 2nd pregnancy I tend to be extra careful. No flights, no no

In August 2016 we resumed the plan, booked the flight and hotel through careful research and we decided to stay in the CBD. We glad we did because every places is reachable by foot!

When we first arrived and went through the strict customs (but I dont find it strict, mainly because we did not bring any food into Australia -its holiday anyway, Im more interested to enjoy local food). 

The first thing to do when you arrive in the Airport :
1. Buy Opal card
2. Buy Optus Sim card

When we first landed, we went to the Airport link to take a train to our hotel location (Martin Place Station). We use Opal card, very similar to Touch'n'Go in Malaysia

Arrived outside Martin Place station. The Hotel is just at the left 
*dekat sangat, nanges, awesome location*

Husband in front of Travelodge Phillip St

We choose Travelodge Phillip St. because of its location 
*walking distance to Sydney Opera, I swear! We walked to the Opera everyday or like, 3 times a day! So happy*

And I needed a room with private bathroom. If youre looking for a budget accommodation its usually a dorm/rooms with shared bathroom. I cannot imagined myself to go out and pee at 2am alone.

And best of all, it comes with a complete kitchenette with microwave some more!
*I thought this helps if we tapau back some Kebabs and want to eat in the middle of the night so can reheat some food here. However, we didnt use the microwave at all. Hehe*

Mini kitchenette complete with microwave!

The bed. The couch is nice to. I feel like every furniture is new (good condition)

So we bought Instant noodles (we always do this) from the convenience store (just beside the Hotel) for 1AUD/pack

Toilet was also clean

I got lotsa tips from my darling friend Amie (who is currently studying in Sydney University) and she suggested Airbnb. I honestly not a fan, but I will review (my personal dislikes/points) about staying in someone's properties, perhaps, later.

I am so happy with my stay and this is my review for Travelodge Phillip St :

Recommended! *thumbs up*

So Id like to thank Amie for her suggestions of food to eat. I got to meet Amie after a very long time (will update later). My husband and I have a super good time in Sydney! I envy Amie for the chance of living in such a pretty, developed, clean city.


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