Nico Rosberg Announces Retirement From F1

10:38 AM

Nico Rosberg during 2016 F1 Petronas Malaysia GP 's Drivers Parade

Sad. I was such a big fan.

Although Im still happy for his victory this year. My thought was that he might be a family guy, but still wished to fulfill his father's dream (or effort in training him since young), and would really like to spend more time with his family.

Wishing Nico Rosberg all the best!

So it is announced that Malaysia wont renew the F1 GP contract in 2018 meaning next year will be our last year hosting F1 Malaysia GP. Oh my God..

Nico wont be driving, and Ill be watching F1 from home..

Note : Although, anything can happen

Next year, I'm team #MaxVerstappen !

Although, still wont change my name to Syera Verstappen LOL my friend even called me Rosberg! Its like a signature now. And Im proud :)

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