Makeup Storage Ideas

12:18 PM

My old makeup organizer

While aggressively looking for deals on home appliances/fittings, I regularly visited online shopping sites such as Lazada Malaysia, Gemfive,, etc

While still havent found my dream bed for the new house (sobs), I unintentionally clicked some "makeup storage" tab and my jaws literally dropped just looking at their price!

Am I the only one who purchased makeup organizer with a lot cheaper price than all of the below? *cry*

I'll share the same thing I bought (offline) with the price I got

I purchased this offline for below RM10

I purchased this offline for below RM20

I purchased this offline for below RM20 (I believe it was RM17.90)

and best of all,

I bought this for RM15 hehehe

Note : because I bought round cotton pads, I need round dispenser as well

I wanted to do an update on how I store my makeup and skincare, but I think I'll wait until Im done with my new house decoration and furnishing

Till then!

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