Travelogue : Sydney, NSW, Australia (5 of 5)

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Par 5 of 5 : Sydney Fish Market, Royal Botanical Gardens, Westfield Pitt St. Mall

Laduree in Sydney

Royal Botanical Gardens, 2016

It was a weekend morning and not so many buses in sight (unlike weekdays where people commuting to work by bus). We walked towards the Hyde Park to catch the bus going to Sydney Fish Market.

Note : Already drools while typing

Along the Hyde Park..

Good weather today!

We arrived in the Sydney Fish Market and straightaway went to Peter's as its famously reviewed.

There were oysters..

.. and many other!

Peter's at Sydney Fish Market, 2016

We ordered and waited outside until the service coaster beeps 

Here what we ordered (before)


We walked back..

.. and actually tapau (bring back) Seafood Kebabs *hehehe*

From the hotel we decided to walk to the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney

Palace Garden Entrance

Studying the map to look for the shortest route to Mrs Macquaries point 

Walking towards Mr Macquaries Point

Sydney view that I totally love

Almost there

Mrs Macuaries point is the spot where people would like a photo of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge combined in the background. We cannot miss this!

Reached Mrs Macquaries Point

And we walked back to the city because I have some final shopping to do at the Westfield Pitt St Mall. And because we still have cash in hands?

Westfield Pitt St Mall

Max Brenner again! Hehe. 
Note : Amie wanted us to try their Hot Chocolate so we did this time

I shop Supre online before and havent made purchase for a very long time now!

Note : This is my first in-store experience with Supre Australia *yaaay another achievement*

We made it again here from Westfield Pitt St to have this shot here -and for about 100th times now HAHA

And while Paris (being one of my travel wish list) trip would be around another next 7 years, I would like to end the curiosity now. I bought myself a box-of-6 Laduree macarons (each of respective flavours -apparently they had only 6 flavours at that time) and here is another achievement!

Laduree in Sydney

Another wish list crossed from the list. May the Paris trip be sooner


Would you like to travel to Australia?

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