2016 Top 3 Best & Worst Buys

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1. Le Marc Lip Creme

Ive been searcing for a good lipstick for about 6 months -until I first purchased this lipstick (priced at MYR 125 in Sephora Malaysia). It is highly pigmented, doesnt drying, and feels like you're not wearing any lipstick (lightweight?). I love how its magnetic clasps made putting (back) the cap effortless! Love the elegant packaging too.

Le Marc Lip Creme in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Slow Burn

2. SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence 

I cant decide -when comparison is made between SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) vs SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence because obviously FTE is their star product. But I am loving every drops of the Aura Essence, lovee the dropper design and I already wrote about how it transformed my blushed-all-over face into unimaginably radiant as per wished. The SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence is priced at MYR555 for 30ml.

SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence : The best!

However, if budget is a constraint I would recommend SK-II FTE to everyone I know. I personally love their trial set because for the price of a 75ml bottle, you'll get 75ml FTE, travel sized Clear Lotion and FT Mask in the trial set so its definitely worth it! 

I personally love to buy the smallest bottle everytime -to ensure freshness everytime! (personal opinion)

SK-II FTE, Trial Set priced at MYR 199 

 3. First House? LOL

Please excuse me for the excitement hehehe


First pose in the house (untouched)


1. SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 Edge

When I purchased this smart phone I have high hopes -until the LCD screen has a major problem (blinking crazily) only after 6 days from the date of purchase. SIX DAYS, people! So I called the CS and this 1 rude boy answered saying I have to send it for repair, no 1:1 exchange, etc. So we did. LCD screen replaced, and guess what -LCD screen went wrong again (4 days post-repair). How. On. Earth? 

I emailed Samsung Malaysia (careline) and they wont entertain. Until some further action I made, they finally offered me 1:1 exchange under MY TERMS. (they called me everyday LOL)

.. and I'll never buy SAMSUNG phones again

But the major turn-off of SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 Edge is : Overheating

Never again. Its a waste of MYR3,000 (for a defective phone)

2. SAMSUNG Wireless Charger Stand

When I purchased S7 Edge, the SA rant about this wireless charger, how I can charge my phone and watch movies at the same time (this acts as a stand/holder while charging, blah blah). Only when I learn that the S7 Edge is overheating (especially when in long use), I read somewhere that I can reduce the heat by not going online when charging happens. So, I CANT BRAIN any nonsense the SA told me. 

(watch movies = overheating while charging = not sure what will happen to the charging pad)

Bought in August 2016 (RM 279), never use it (not even once) until now 


I love the wide colour choices and heard it was a super long wearing -so I expected the product to be transfer proof. And they are not. Also, it feels really dry on lips, even if I put on the lip primer beforehand. But Im still loving the colours I ordered (3 pcs on their way to me) and for the price I paid -I found these little cuties more like a collectibles than functional.

Another minus point? There has been so many fake COLOURPOP I dont even know how to spot the difference

Love to buy, probably will not gonna use often

*Update on 18/12/16 : I recently worn Echo Park without feeling too dry, and surprisingly long lasting too. Its either my lip condition has changed or I got some trick here. Im still waiting for the Ultra Matte Lip I ordered to arrive -so I could really wrote a fair review!

COLOURPOP Ultra Satin Lip in Alyssa and Echo Park (USD 6 /pc)

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