Travelogue : Sydney, NSW, Australia (2 of 5)

12:22 AM

Part 2 of 5 : City Stroll, Queen Victoria Building, Pancakes on the Rocks

On the first day we went for a city stroll (routine) just to be familiar with the place and have a good look around. We walked to the Hyde Park until we reached the Archibald Fountain.

Archibald Fountain

#OOTD Sydney city stroll : Bershka jeans, Zara Knitwear, Adidas & Longchamp Neo Medium

Queen Victoria Building

Along the way..

Found Ipoh On York (York St, Sydney) with Halal sign, so we had late lunch here

Big portion. I couldnt finish my Char Kuey Teow so we tapau back *hehe*

Husband had Nasi Lemak

Circular Quay

.. going to the Sydney Opera House

Official photo of us with Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge at the background

Achievement Unlocked. I can die in peace

 I made my own itineraries in Sydney and Pancakes on the Rocks was in the list. My husband and I had a good chat over pancakes and some cool drinks. We ordered Devil's Delight and it was really good!

Devil's Delight. Recommended

The weather was cool and windy, but bearable. I imagined the weather will be much much colder because I heard Sydney had the lowest temperature reading in the Winter!

Sea gulls.. sea gulls everywhere and we are excited to capture their photos

Yeah, we really were

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