November Favourites, Sephora Hauls & First Lipstick Swatches (Attempts)

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December highlight would be national School Holidays, Year-End-Sale(s) and well, closing account?

First of all, I am no make-up expert, no-no! Due to hectic working schedule (I was in a super busy office once, but is less busy now), I made sure my make-up routine is pretty simple:

1. Nothing *haha*

1. Prime/CC (for the benefit of UV protection)
2. Powder

Note : I wish I could always remember to apply lip balm on lazy days *sigh*

1. Prime/CC 
2. Powder
3. Eyeliner
4. Blusher
5. Highlighter
6. Lipstick/Lip stain
7. Make-up Setting Spray

Note : I tried contouring, failed miserably

I love it when my girl friends came over and stayed the weekend, because its the time we can exchange thoughts and products review/recommendations, etc. We have a Whatsapp group full of girl talks and its fun!

Last weekend, Dina came and at a moment she thought I did a product review, maybe because I took a number of flat lays on Instagram like below:

I captioned this : December favourites

I honestly think I am nowhere near being a beauty blogger, like EVER! I dont even know how to do eyeshadows/eyebrows at all *chuckles*

I, professionally am not in a show biz, am therefore would probably will not own the trendiest handbag, the best highlighter, the best beauty room, etc


(baby stuffs when I was expecting, beauty products when I need to feel the upgrade LOL, furnitures when I am decorating/redecorating house)

So last holiday shopping in November/December I received so many goodies (not shown) like the Sephora makeup pouch, tote bag, towels, travel pouch & ARCONA skincare trial set (towels & trial set only available if purchased made in Ipoh store)

The goodies from Sephora MY

And my last hauls in Sephora are as follows :

Im curious and therefore feel the need to compare (2 MJ Beauty shades, 2 UD sprays)

So when Dina came we talked a lot about lipstick and so I told her I tried all Too Faced Melted colours (something peony and chihuahua for sure) in Sephora store, few times, and none suits me.


Yes, I even tried Dina's Melted Peony and made me look like a clown *sad* too pink I guess?

And Ive shown Dina what I own and made my first lipstick swatches!

Only to found out that dusty rose, mauve lipstick suits me most

Btw, I hereby declare an ultimate LOVE for Marc Jacobs Beauty : Le Marc Lip Creme. I love both shades Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Slow Burn equally!

Will write more soon!

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