Travelogue : Lost World of Tambun, Malaysia

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Lost World of Tambun is located in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. It is operated by Sunway Group, who also runs Sunway Lagoon in Subang Jaya, Selangor (Malaysia)

For more information, may visit their official website : HERE

My overall experience is that it was worth it. Ive been to Sunway Lagoon quite many times. And because of Sunway Group, Lost World of Tambun is well kept, well maintained (I can still imagined how rusty, old A Famosa Water Park has become! *cry*)

Entrance fees is around RM 50 and this is super reasonable. For the price, you can enter all parks as follows:
1. Lost World Water Park (1)
2. Lost World Amusement Park (2)
3. Lost World Petting Zoo (3)
4. Lost World Tiger Valley (4)
5. Lost World Tin Valley (5)
6. Lost World Adventure Park (6)

Note : We skipped (5) and (6)

First and foremost, apologize for the low quality photos. All photos were taken by phone (Samsung J5)

From the entrance, I would advise you to skip the locker room on the left and walk towards right side to experience all dry parks first. (wearing jeans, tee etc)

Note : Dont change to swimming attire just yet!

Lost World "little" Ipoh Street

From entrance you may see little Ipoh Street that mimics actual Ipoh street on your left. Water park & hot springs are just oppostite of this Ipoh Street.

From the entrance, walk towards the right side and you will reach Amusement Park (2)

There are also Haunted House, and more for child.

You will reach Cat/Feline House (on right side). To enter your attire/clothes must be dry. (Thats why I will advise anyone to save water parks/spa towards the last)

Outside/outdoor you already reached near Tiger Valley (4). We totally skipped Tiger Show because of personal reason. There is also Serval in the Tiger Valley area!

If you're a fan of Dato' Aliff Syukri's Serval, Dodi (which I do!), you may see one in front of your eyes

Just near the Tiger Valley, you will reach Swan Lake before Petting Zoo (3)

Swan Lake (swan up for rent)

May also fish feeding

Fish feeding session

At Petting Zoo, you may feed these tiny animals by your own hand! At this area I mostly took videos instead of photos, sorry! But there are hedgehog, tortoise, birds and many more!

This one rabbit species

Zookeeper cakap yg ni garang. Mula-mula je lari drp orang. Sekarang kejar orang. Haha

 Birds area

First eats birds food

Then then looking for sweats! Choy!

Other places we skipped are (5) and (6) but we reached near there

Near Tin Valley (5)

Near Tiger Valley

There are plety Cafe/Coffee House/Food Court (Food Court is near Amusement Park)

After finished exploring all dry parks, we may walk towards locker room to keep personal belongings, bag and change to swimming attire.

I have no more photos because we kept everything inside locker and just enjoy the (1) Water Park (the best part is their hot spring! so calming)

Change to swimming attire!

Hello water park!

 That is all from me. Hope it helps!

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