First House : Story

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First House : Key Handover

2016 marked our first house completion (binaan). It is a double-storey, intermediate house with 4Bed 3Bath : to me its an ample size for a small family.

I did not max out my housing loan eligibility for this house (only use half). Afterall, I still enjoy some financial freedom (for emergency/leisure)

Moving to a new house does not come cheap. Listed below are the estimated costs for a new house :

1. Tint/Grille

Estimated window/sliding door tinting services = RM 1,500
Estimated window/door grille price = RM 4,000

If you'd like to tint windows (its a choice, not necessity), do it before the installation of grille, or extra cost incurred.

2. Fittings (Light fittings, fan  & curtain railings installation)

Estimated cost for fittings installation = RM 3,500

I never believed the number at first T_T until I counted all points and believed it. For example, one ceiling fan unit (i.e. Panasonic Bayu 5 Blade) costs about RM 300 each. And I have 6 points (7 in total but I'll just skip 1 point in the Family hall, dont mind me). Thus, buying fans alone costs RM 1,800 T_T 

3. Wardrobe

Estimated cost for IKEA Pax Wardrobe = RM 5,000

IKEA Pax is a must? *cry*

4. Kitchen Cabinet

Estimated cost for IKEA Metod Kitchen = RM 4,000

We were lucky that the developer already given us free kitchen cabinet in the wet kitchen so this price above is kinda cheap (because we only cover the dry kitchen/dining area)

5. Alarm System &Autogate

*Optional*, no further explanation needed.

You know you have to save A LOT, right?

Footnote : I planned to buy new purse and it got delayed because of all the above! T_T

Will update on the actual costs soon!

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