(Proses Masuk Rumah Baru) Step 1 of 5 : House Check / Defect Check

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I tried to preserve the memories of our own experience/pengalaman masuk dan beli rumah baru by writing this post.

Note : We will be mentioning only the basic installations

I'll make separate posts for the experiences into 5 sections/parts/steps :

Part 1 of 5 : House Check / Defect Check
Part 2 of 5 : Grille Installations
Part 3 of 5 : Lightings, Fans & Wiring works
Part 4 of 5 : Curtain & Blinds
Part 5 of 5 : Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe & Other Furnitures


Soon after we got the house keys, we spent a total of 2 weekends with detailed inspection of the house. While adore the whole house condition in general, we found defects mostly in: 

1. Tiles (Hollow tiles)

While the tiles condition in all rooms is perfect, the outside garage/car porch and toilets when is tapped, sounds truly like plastics (sound even more plastick-y than a PC keyboard).

Tiles defect (hollow tiles)

But they replaced and redo the installations anyway, thank you

And then they fixed them

2. Door

I found mismatch doors and the Developer already fixed them.

 Mismatch doors

Note : when there is mismatch door, there will be habuk you know, can get inside house/room. No no, I wont allow this

3. Floor trap

They did the work around floor trap(s) inside toilets like we could never ever get to open them. What nonsense. You know, in Malay it goes like this : "The floor trap kena simen around macam takkan dapat buka dah".

Dont ask. I dont even know floor trap could be this ugly.. All other floor traps are shiny white, looks normal like in my mom's!

Floor traps outdoor, in the kitchen all looks normal. But not in toilets. Some cannot open, some cannot be properly be closed. I had these in my complaints.

4. Pipe sinking (but LOL this is the funniest)

Okay, you may laugh at this..

They said they can do nothing about it because every other house have this. Hmm, any advise? I think I might hire 1 plumber to take a look at this and if he can fix this, I'll send the quotation/bills to the Developer.

.. because Im meticulous like that

Note : We dont have problems with window opening/closing mechanism, door attachment or anything else. Please do check yours too.

For general checklist may follow lists below as a guide :

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  1. Mana nak cari org untuk buat inspection rumah nie

    1. Maaf, kami buat inspection sendiri je. Sure, boleh hire orang tapi saya tak ada such guy(s) to recommend


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