(Character) Assasinated by A Doctor

10:44 AM

This could be rare, this could only happened in my country, who knows?

Scenario 1

Doctor : You are sooo fat!
(In Malay : awak ni gemuk sangat ni)

Me : *look at myself*
*look at her and trying to figure out what a monster she is*


Scenario 2

Doctor : Do you have High BP or Diabetes?

Me : No

Doctor : How can you assure that?

Me : I have neither been prescribed, nor been taking any of the (BP/Diabetes) meds.

Doctor : No, you need to ____(insert all tests)___ bla bla

Me : *pause with confusion*

*but then you ran test on my baby and couldnt detect any problems*

*and then 10 hours later she got infection (leading to sepsis)*

*moment of silence*

I have been hating doctors for not providing a clear answer.

And yet in Scenario 1 she said Im overweight, whereas Im absolutely normal in size, probably marginally overweight but I have no muffin tops, no back fat and definitely shocked when is told that I am (really) fat.

(Read : THEY easily jumped to a conclusion. Without tests. What is YOUR basis then?)

*but I was not trying to be rude, so I kept it silent*

So what if I am curvy?

Me after confinement

So based on Scenario 2, set aside PIH, I have no serious illness(es) and what did you suggest to me?

Regular check-up? What kind?

1. BP and glucose test
2. Kidney function?
3. Early cancer detection test(s)?
4. MRI? DNA sampling? *ROFL*

What if I did all the above and lets say in 15 years, I'll die unanounced, what you may have answered?

Probably these? :

1. Heart complications/heart attack/stroke (unnoticed, you might say)
2. We didnt know (just what you told me about my baby)

What's with the attitude?

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