Personal Opinion : Why Id Choose Hotel Against Accommodation rental

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WARNING : so its basically based on my personal opinion(s) and preference(s) so if you are not liking the title, please do not proceed to this blog post's content >.<

Concorde Shah Alam, October 2015 celebrating Husband's Birthday. Id choose their Premier Executive room everytime! (hugeeee balcony)

The Baray Villa, Phuket, May 2016

Lexis Port Dickson, 2016 for my birthday (reschedule from March to May through Husband's company). During month March I was still in confinement T.T

Nexus Business Suite, August 2016 for work

Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya, Penang, January 2016

So I never tried Accommodation rental i.e. Airbnb until the last time we book a stay in KL (with Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower view) for our 3rd wedding anniversary. 

The place is owned by my husband's friend -which he also advertised through Airbnb website. But of course, we made the booking straight from the owner-lah

(so I have zero knowledge about how the system works -deposit, payment etc)

With so little experiences of mine, Id like to share with you why Id choose Hotel over Accommodation rental (Airbnb):


Hotel : For work, I never requested for early check-in, but for leisure, I did try once with Travelodge Phillip St, Sydney -and we got in earlier than as per scheduled! So I believe hotels basically have spare, untouched room(s) so they are almost readily available for customers who'd wish to check-in early.

Airbnb : No early-check in experience

.. because we've been told that somebody else is staying a day before 


Hotel : I did this quite a lot of times when I was on work trip, for example I have a site visit in the morning, and I usually requested for late check-out, but only after Zohor prayer times.

Note : Not all hotels allowed this, but you can simply ask (no harm)

Airbnb : No late check-out experience 

.. because we've been told the next 2 hours, somebody else is coming to stay at the room =.=


Hotel : Usually pretty, so must take photo. Mattress/pillows are usually hotel-grade, thus is comfortable

Airbnb : Even for self-keeping, never took a photo (wont bitch about it too)

Note : expect the cheapest room/rental will have a divan & a 5-inch mattress T.T based on my online search. More of a standard homestay amenities-lah


Hotel : This is by far, the most used services! I wanted to place this reason on top, but if weighs against late check out, (super) late check out is better, I believe.

We got our luggage tagged and kept in the hotel front desk (they usually placed them in a room behind front desk) for our stay in Phuket and Sydney because we usually catched an evening flight (if you want reasons, simply because early flight scared me/afraid of missed flight)

Airbnb : Not known


Hotel : Continental or buffet breakfast, there are always food for everyone!

Airbnb : Not sure, but we never had any bed & "breakfast" experience.


Hotel : If I wanted to do some clothes ironing, Id requested for one. If we'd like to add/change something, we requested so. I have no complaints!

Airbnb : One time, I did not have my baju kurung pressed (although going to an event thereafter), just because the iron provided has spoiled on the "pressing" surface. Doing so will only ruin my clothes. But we did mention the problem to the owner (when leaving), in hope that it will not ruin somebody else's clothes later on ☺

That is all in my opinion. Thank you for reading!

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