Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Malaysia) : Review

1:26 AM

I woke up this morning, feeling weird. 

I had a bad dream -in which I CRIED SO MUCH because of my 2016 worst purchase : the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If I am making any sense?

I bought the phone from Samsung Authorized dealer in One Utama, Damansara.

Only after 7 days, the LCD went wrong -blinking crazily like below:

Only after 7 days!

When we called the Customer Service, the boy who picked up was so rude saying things like:

1. Did you drop the phone? 
(which I didnt, btw, but I am so hurt by the question)

2. We (Samsung) dont offer 1:1 exchange -you can read about it (terms) online
(insulting, ill-mannered tone)

3. You have to get your phone repaired
(who on Earth would want to use A REPAIRED phone just after 1 week of purchasing? T.T)

So we send the phone for repair ANDDDD after 2 days (post-repair); 
the LCD Screen went wrong again!

Still blinking, with another kind of LCD problem (refer below)

Waa very nice ah?

FURIOUS is the correct word (at that time)

After some (legal) action taken, they finally offered me another new set (phew!)

.. although with the new set comes many bad dreams 😞

So the dream I had last night is the LCD of my second/replaced/current phone I am using went kaputt, again! 😢

I do hope other smartphone brands will make this "Total Ban on Samsung Note 7" an opportunity to make sales hehe. Id like to buy another phone but have trouble with the (little) choice(s)

I wont buy any Samsung products for sure!

(that included other electrical appliances -refridgerator, TV, etc)

The ban on Note 7 since their exploded phone went viral

Any (bad) experiences of yours?

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  1. Un buen Terminal que Saco Samsung Pero el el número de quejas por La Pantalla Frágil!
    Mejor Te Recomiendo Un X1 Y A8 de AGM


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