(Proses Masuk Rumah Baru) Step 3 of 5 : Lighting, Fans & Wiring Works

2:26 PM

What were I thinking, when I thought I could cover less than RM 1,000 for lights T.T

The steps are nearly the same as previous post : Grille Installations

The easiest way (suitable for someone who is busy like myself) is to get the well known contractor/supplier/seller selling lights and just follow these steps:

1. Pick your lights (must already know/count your lighting points)
2. Get the quotation from supplier
3. Site visit and place order
4. Installation day

When the light guy came

Note : sorry for the blurred photo, for my own safety too!

Remember, my choice of lightings are only basic, no chandelier or some fancy, decorative ceiling lights whatsoever (yet). No basic calculations here since unit prices, discounts, etc vary from one store to another!

My total purchase are as follows:

A - Lightings :
1. Downlight (plaster ceiling) : 17 pcs
2. Ceiling mounted downlight : 6 pcs
3. Outdoor gate light : 2 pcs
4. LED Fluorescent : 7 pcs
5. Door bell : 1 pc
6. Spotlight : 1 pc
7. Labour charges : L/sum
Total : RM 2,500.00

B - Fans :
1. Ceiling fans (Panasonic) : 6 pcs
Total : RM 1,450.00

Note : Price stated are not included 2 Air Conditioning units since I already have them in current house

In less than a week (because I bought only the basic lightings, else, might have to wait for pre-order items), you will get your lights installed! Some of my own before-and-after photos :

Before looping and cutting holes for downlights

After (downlights & ceiling fan)

This is the priciest item in the house so far! LOL

Note : Even pricier than ceiling fan

Overall, I am satisfied with the installations and is now waiting for the next step : Curtains and Blinds. We went to JAKEL to do the curtains and it took about a month to complete (thus it'll be a while until the next posts on house progress/update)

Total cost involved as mentioned in this post :

Estimated cost : RM 2,500.00
Actual cost : RM 3,950.00
Extra Cost : RM 1,450.00

Lets eat maggi now hehehe

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