(Proses Masuk Rumah Baru) Step 4 of 5 : Curtain & Blinds

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Blinds from IKEA MY

We went to 3 different curtain sewing services, only to find out that even the independent one (those not selling fabrics) quoted us the similar price (like JAKEL's).

So we decided to let JAKEL do our curtain.

Note : JAKEL is a large company selling fabrics, also offers curtain sewing services.

The design chosen is also the cheapest, basic, french pleats because well, I dont want to pick some patterns/trends Id regret choosing later)

And then we picked the fabric. in Gold colour

Note : ..hoping that it'd match with any theme/new furnitures hehehe

We were advised to wait for about a month until the curtain is finally done.

Fast forward, the JAKEL team came to install the curtain rails & curtain. We also (previously) had the blinds installed.


.. during installations

.. and after!

Grey & white blinds

By the way, we purchased the blinds from IKEA.

Note : In hope that we will be using them until 2027 LOL

A - Curtain :
1. JAKEL (fabrics, curtain sewing services & rails) : RM 960
Total : RM 960.00

B - Blinds :
1. 2 x White Blind (room) : RM 278
2. 2 x Grey Blind (room & kitchen : RM 198
3. 1 x Grey Blind (stairs) : RM 69
Total : RM 545.00

Cost involved as mentioned in this post :

Estimated cost : RM 1,000.00
Actual cost : RM 1,505.00
Extra Cost : RM 505.00

Foot note : I underestimate EVERYTHING T.T

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