My Favourite TV Series

8:39 AM

I am not saying Im Ms-know-it-all when it comes to TV Series. I watched mostly from iflix, due to limited time and being a white collar (workers)

1. Gossip Girl

I started watching this during Uni years. For obvious reasons, I am looking forward to study their fashion/style, more than the content itself since I am easily bored with an unending, less important content of series like PLL or the Vampire Diaries (I love VD during the Originals came, and losing it back thereafter), but for GG its an exception. Im starting to love the series more (losing the love at S3, S4) on Season 5 and 6!

Overall, Im loving the ending.. ♡

P.s. Character that I love, of course, Blair!

2. The Big Bang Theory

The love for this series is rather natural. I think If I werent an engineer, I think Id be a Mathematics freak/Physicist. In high school I started applied different 'formulas' not taught in school syllabus and yeah, that kinda freak (Math-freak).

Of course, I tried to analyze and question some details about the series, but overall Im loving them!

P.s. Favourite characters : Leonard & Penny. Leonard, if I had to choose one 😁

3. White Collar

The best, because the series wrapped up beautifully when Neal last con is faking his own death and Peter knows it. The portrayal of what a con-artist would con made me stays watching this series.

P.s. I am #teamCaffrey at first watch, and #teamBurke on the next

What Id be watching next..?

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