Travelogue : Melbourne, VIC, Australia (3 of 5)

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Part 3 of 5 : Brighton Beach, Puffing Train Billy

We had breakfast at the room : I had some musli with mixed fruits and last night's tapau-ed Nasi Goreng for him. So we went out and tried hard to figure out the route to Brighton Beach (it was extremely hard!)

We started with taking the free tram (for the first time ever), and we did tap on. When tapped off, a whopping 5AUD+- is being charged on our myki (eventhough it was from Queen St to Elizabeth St, very close distance), which left me furious!

Note : I wonder why dont the system works like, no matter you tap on/off in free trams, the charge/fare would always be zero? Like Opal if you reached the maximum fares, you wont be charged next. But must tap on/off like usual

And I started to really hate this city! HAHA

We went to the 7Eleven to reload the Myki, again, and well.. here I am even more confused, we did reload the Myki 2 times, both at 7Eleven, we didnt get the receipt EVENTHOUGH WE DID ASK FOR IT

Anyone knows? Melbournians ?

Note : I got super confused because, how am I supposed to check/know my balance?

And please do not ask me how Myki works because honestly, I dont know! *sobs*

Fast forward, (I wont continue on how much walk we did because it was crazy!) we made it to the Brighton Beach!

Brighton Beach 

We were here for those colourful bathing boxes! So we spent some time picking our most favourite box and its photos time!

Bathing Boxes @ Brighton Beach, Melbourne, 2017

(Rupa paras laut n pantai, however, ai mampu berhuhuhu saja)

Getting out of here, it took around 15-20 mins walk to Middle Brighton train station. Imagined if we were to carry an infant/pulling stroller, Id give up! Its too far, man..

Along the way I felt the urge to pee so we thought at the time, I can do so once we reached the train station. Another bad bad news, the toilets were locked!

Middle Brighton station 

Toilets were locked! T.T

So I hold the intention to pee until we reached the Richmond Station (to change train to Belgrave, where the Puffing Train Billy is located). I really had to ask the officer to let me out for a while to a toilet trip, because our next train towards Belgrave took about an hour!

Business done, we straightaway changed to another platform and waited for the train to Belgrave. From the Belgrave station, we did just a short walk towards the Puffing Train Billy and it was easy! (short distance, clear signage)

Puffing Train Billy

We were excited to get on the puffing train Billy and the experience will be once a lifetime. We didnt have something like this back home. Here, I met with Emon (my ex-housemate) but they just finished their roundtrip and we just started ours. 

We paid to get on the shortest roundtrip route which is Belgrave-Menzie's Creek-Belgrave simply because we were here just for the experience (short distance would be enough)

Andddd Puffing train billy is definitely the highlight of the day! I would recommend this to everyone I know!

We got back and straightaway had our super late lunch/super early dinner at Blok M (Express)! I heard the Iga Bakar tastes awesome so I had one!

Our first, cheapest and delicious meal in Melbourne hehe

Honestly, the meals we had are delicious, we definitely recommend this to you! Big portion, tasty, cheapest among other meals we had (28AUD for 2pax) since we capped our meals to 20AUD/pax per meal.

If you are Malaysian, at Blok M you will feel like home, because many malays eat there! I said hi to a Malaysian couple (the guy studied here in Melbourne) and we talked about Melbourne

Yeah dia kata attractions Melbourne semua luar CBD LOL then bolehlaa free trams kan

Foot note : I really feel bad about writing all the not-so-good thing about Melbourne but oh, GOR tour next is the best thing happened!

Next : The Highlight of my Melbourne trip : the Great Ocean Road tour!

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