Travelogue : Melbourne, VIC, Australia (4 of 5)

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Part 4 of 5 : Great Ocean Road (GOR) tour

We booked the Great Ocean Road (Day Tour) through City Tempo front desk (while Mohamad being super helpful!) and it was a breeze. We took the tour by Wildlife Tours Australia and we were being picked up by Arthur (of Wildlife Tours Australia) at 7am.

Note : Tour duration = 7 am to 8 pm

We had our first stop for morning coffee/toilet trip. So I had my organic Chai Latte because, we were in Aussie, right?

When in Australia, have some Chai Latte

Along the way, Arthur made few stops I think worth some photography sessions. 

We even laughed about this. Somebody placed this soft toy (wombat) on tree and people started to take photos ..until they knew it was a fake wombat!

When its about lunch time, we had our lunch at Iluka Restaurant, with all other people in our tour group. Here we made friends with other people too.

Next to my husband is Malaysian too. A couple sitting in front of us are Korean.

Yang hensem tu ai minat hehehe

So we made it to the Twelve Apostles lookout point (which made awesome background). We had like a hundred photos here (of course I posted just a few hehe)

The Twelve Apostles ..spectacular view!

Us on the Twelve Apostles lookout point

I was actually more thrilled to witness the Loch Acd Gorge I kept mentioning it to husband along the way hehe. At Loch Ard Gorge, we took even more photos! Stunning background!

Note : I even ran towards the water although the sand/beach coast is thick! (soo much effort!) >.<

Still cannot imagined if I were to bring an infant to this tour. The steps at every points are quite challenging! (coming from an active person like myself)

Note : but we both were like running stepping up/down. I just couldnt imagine people carrying infant would go through all these steps. Good luck with those steps!

Our last stop was probably the last toilet trip before we headed straight back to the CBD. We already planned to had dinner at Blok M (Express) because.. *drool*

Last stop

May follow their Instagram/Facebook account. I highly recommend! Thank you, Arthur for the experience!

Our dinner. I tried Ayam Bakar this time..

We made it to City Tempo and had a good rest. Awesome, awesome day!

Coming up next post : 29th Birthday in Melbourne & Sydney!

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