Travelogue : Melbourne, VIC, Australia (2 of 5)

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Part 2 of 5 : City stroll - Hosier Lane, DFO Southwharf & Webb Bridge

Oh Melbourne, how do I start. It really caught my eyes when I first saw the Bollywood film "Salaam Namaste". Great Ocean Road, Webb Bridge.. until a complete study from those who visited Melbourne, and so we added few more must-see/do in our trip: Hosier Lane, Puffing Billy Train & Brighton Beach (for its Bathing Boxes)

While the first day is always a city stroll-day, we started with visiting Queen Victoria Market (so close from the City Tempo) as per mentioned in previous post, we bought some organic goodies and (first round) souvenir shopping. We also bought our I ♥ Melbourne tees for the cheapest price : 5 AUD/pc!

We had lunch at a cafe I-wont-be-mentioning-its-name because it served bad food. Superbly bland and bad seafood quality! (prawn tastes gassy/spoiled). Our drinks were also blerghhh (tasteless).

The food we couldnt finish (only took 1/4 and didnt tapau back)

After the bad (super bad!) food experiences we walked (not taking trams because hmm, its so confusing in Melbourne!) towards the Hosier Lane..

Free tram in the Melbourne CBD

It was Saturday. Maybe because of the Australia GP weekend, but I feel Melbourne is cramped with people. I was using the TripGo apps (which I highly recommended, if you're visiting Sydney) and failed with navigation miserably. The apps never asked us to hop on a tram so yeah, we finally ended up walking the whole day!

My day almost entirely ruined by bad food, confusing public transportation systems. But I have goals : Hosier Lane, DFO Southwharf & the Webb Bridge.

Hosier Lane 

A lane of art. A visit to Melbourne isnt complete without going to the Hosier Lane. I dont know how to describe the art because of my technical background, so yeah, I'll just enjoy the splashes of colours/paints that makes good #ootd background. LOL

DFO Southwharf

I thought I am really going to enjoy myself shopping in this outlet since it houses Supre & Dotti

My Shopping Philosophy : Local brand first, brand not sold in Malaysia comes later.

But I entered Supre, and out with zero purchase. Maybe its summer clearance, but the clothings didnt suit my style (hijab).

the Webb Bridge

Posted on Instagram that Id dance on the Webb Bridge, so yeah, that happened.

We ended the day with a dinner at Mamak restaurant, which also tastes so-so. It was okay, but to me it was still an average. I almost thought I hate this city because I was suddenly being fussy, complained a lot (which I dont usually do) and kinda hate everything we ate that day.

Dinner at Mamak

And Mamak was soooo loud we had to yell just to be heard (conversation between my husband and I)

Note : I also started telling my husband a fact like; ears shouldnt be exposed to higher dB sounds for more than an hour. And then I pity their workers *sobbing*

(my bad, its probably because of weekend, or pay day? or just Australia GP?)

Worry not, the following days we ate a lot and they're all amazing foods!

Till the next post!

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