(Proses Masuk Rumah Baru) Step 2 of 5 : Grille Installations

3:21 PM

This part is rather simple. The steps involved for Grille installations are :

1. Get/Choose Contractor
2. Site Visit & Measurements
3. Wait 2-3 weeks until Installation

I am rather simple, and probably gonna go for a timeless design so I did choose the simplest, vertical lines. Afterall, we are going to double the security through alarm system installations (optional).

Before and after

Red car is contractor's who did the installation, bringing welding equipments, power tools and paint (for touch-ups)

My personal advice would be,

go for white colour (painted) grille, if your window border is white;

and vice versa.

Cost involved as mentioned in this post :

Estimated cost : RM 4,000.00
Actual cost : RM 3,000.00
Saving : RM 1,000.00

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