Travelogue : Sydney, NSW, Australia (4 of 5)

9:18 PM

Part 4 of 5 : Featherdale Wildlife Park, Birkinhead Point Outlet

We started the day with some cooking (instant noodle Indomie bought from convenience store for 1 AUD/pack) because it was going to be a long day. 

The journey to Featherdale Wildlife Park (we were choosing this over other Zoo because we would really like to hand-feed Kangaroos!) took more than an hour. We first got on the train, followed by a 20-mins or so bus ride.

Our humble breakfast

Opal balance getting low, Top up first

My husband cant really stand low temperature -me on the other hand wearing only single layer top *hehehe*

Husband soooo sleepy! 
*I'm wearing Opal card in my Coach ID card holder with my work ID in it*

Seeing mosque along the way.. Husband already slept this time. And its raining

Thats our bus to Featherdale Wildlife Park (from where we stand)

Featherdale Wildlife Park : Entrance

We put on our raincoat we brought from home (Malaysia) because oh Husband, you got an awesome wife here!

*I was known to be someone who has thorough, careful, detailed plan during travel. Just ask Dina!*

Feeding sesh

Koala! Soo excited because we dont have Koala here in Malaysia

This lady instructor gave us instructions including where to pat, while feeding Mr Cooper (Koala's name)

The result

Selfie with Mr Cooper (Me being a lil bit scared because Koala got some nails!)

Kangaroo Food bought for 2 AUD per cone

Feeding sesh (Part 2)

Us with the Kangaroos

Another take

And so we visited some more animals like Penguins..


Deep fried seafood for lunch

After some souvenir shopping (Bought Koala soft toys here hehe : in my bag)

And bye bye Featherdale!

Waited for our bus

Initially we put the next activity after Featherdale Wildlife Park to be a late lunch/early dinner at the Sydney Fish Market. But we found out that the place closed earlier than we thought. So we changed our itineraries -we went to the Birkinhead Point Outlet!

.. Because its shopping day!

Arrived at the Birkenhead Point Outlet

Inside the Birkinhead Point Outlet

What are Malaysians without going to buy bulk (borong) on Corelle? *cry*

Note : Maaaan, its way too cheap here T.T

After some shopping and for the amount of stuffs we carried back to the hotel (crazy, riding bus with so much stuffs), we took a rest for a while and planned for the dinner. While we're still not get over our delicious meals the day before, we decided to hit Ribs & Burgers again!

We walked to the Rocks (by foot) because we appreciate the view. Magnificent!

Ribs were goooood but their ribs here at the Rocks outlet are a bit dry. I fancy the ribs at Central Park! (will come again there next time!)

While walking back (to our hotel)

Just some random photo

The activity for the night is : WRAP and WEIGH!

We wrapped out new dinnerware/glassware from Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex etc at the hotel, placed them in out luggage and weighed our luggage just to be sure we didnt reached out luggage maximum weight. Hehe

Wrapping going on..

Note : See, told you guys I carefully planned everything
(I know what I want, and Ill get what I want)

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