Memories Made in 2016 & 2017 New Year Resolutions

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2016 has been like a roller coaster ride. 

We started the January with a detail scan of our LO -only to found out that we will be having a girl at that time! She was rather small in size, but brain scan, heart chambers, stomach etc all shown that she was well and healthy.

On 5th of March 2016, Elana was born prematurely

I was so confident that she'll make it through in the NICU but God has better plan. After few weeks with no health complications, Elana left us.

On May 2016, I knew I had to divert my attention and aches to something else : or somewhere else. We decided to make plans to overseas trips -afterall we had some money we saved prior to Elana's arrival. We went to Phuket for a short getaway, and planned for 2016 Sydney trip.

2016 Sydney trip went on well and we were extremely happy -we decided to go there again in 2017.

In September/October we went to the 2016 Malaysia GP -which also marked my favourite driver's victory year when Nico Rosberg was announced the 2016 F1 World Champion

In November we celebrated our 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary.

Early December we got the key to my First House and started to do defect check, get quotations from contractors and the progress is still on-going.

Note : will probably move into the new house in March 2017

And as for the New Year resolutions, I plan to:

1. Lose weight/eat well

Although will probably not going to give up eating rice, pasta, sweets, meat and all those things I cant live without, I think I'll start with eliminating processed food in my meals

Note : but I sometimes cannot resist frankfurters, burgers, etc *urgh*

Not going to torture myself, I decided to have processed food once a week month >.<

2. Save money for the 2018 Mini Euro-trip

Although its a year away, to save up for the plane ticket and accommodation is rather easy. But the hardest part (read : large amount of money) is for the shopping part >.< 

1 Chanel bag, perhaps?

Im done. These are already too much to ask -even from myself!

Wish me luck!

What are your 2017 New Year Resolutions?

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