Travelogue : Phuket, Thailand

9:08 AM

I needed an immediate vacation -the idea is to get my attention away from the recent heart ache (of confinement without a baby). 

The good thing about travel is -you came prepared. You've done your research about the hotel, transport/airport transfers, food, etc. 

P.s. This was not my first time traveling overseas, I've been to Singapore and Indonesia before

Which part of Phuket did I choose to stay? 


While in need of a great amount of peace myself, I choose a less crowded beach like Kata beach. They said this is the place for honeymooners *smile*

Kata beach

We booked a stay in the Baray Villa (Sawasdee Village) to meet the purpose. It is a 2-storey villa (upstairs -room, bed, shower, bath tub; donwstairs -living area, toilet, outdoor shower, jacuzzi) with a direct access to the public pool.

Booking can be made HERE
You may choose to stay in a room (Garden Deluxe) or a villa (Baray Villa)

Husband at the entrance area

The room (upstairs)

Husband in the in-room jacuzzi (downstairs)

The dome up above you when looking up (from the bed, upstairs)

Husband at their public pool (directly accessed from our villa)

Like Bali, the majority of population in Phuket is Buddhist. But I guaranteed, finding halal food in Phuket was easy. There are plenty choice of Halal restaurants around Kata/Karon area and its even easier if you stay in Patong.

Tips: Look for restaurant with Halal logo on their sign

Must try : Thai Ice-Cream

This brother speak Kelantanese (kecek Kelate)

Must try : Banana Thai Pancake

Must try : Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea)

Ooops, yeah we tried many other flavour of Thai Pancakes and ice-creams while hanging around the beach

Tuk-tuks (motorbike taxi) parked around the beach

Local fruits are no different in Malaysia, but look at their price *faint*

Another Halal food (kebab from stalls with Halal sign)

I was in awe with the stay (Baray Villa), beacuse of their details. The Thai food experience is not new to me, since we had many Thai people running restaurants in Malaysia.

Hotel rating : 4.5/5

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