About Me

3:11 PM

Hello everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself, in case we never met in-person. 

My name is SYAHIRA
But you may call me by my nickname : SYERA. 

The name I use on my social media account is actually because of my love for Nico Rosberg (in case you didnt know, he is a F1 driver, love him even when hes not as famous as today *sobs*). I am his big fan since he was driving with Williams. I hardly missed watching F1 GPs since I started watching them in my Uni years.

I graduated with Bachelor Degree (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering, year 2012. I have to say I am serious about education and did well in my Degree. And I was working with the Government of Malaysia, soon after convocation (until now).

My family is basically a bunch of lecturers, and teachers. At first I thought I couldnt escaped from the family curse of becoming a lecturer myself (I'm kidding, i believed its a trait -a very good one). Because I worked as a part-time Lecturer once in UiTM Pulau Pinang (teaching Dynamics). 

Im married to a lovely guy, Andy. He is also an engineer -like myself. We got married in 2013. 

So the blog is probably going to be about my thoughts and opinions, sharing experiences and so on. Its very personal. Happy reading!

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