Travelogue : Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

12:32 PM

In September 2016 I welcome my girl friends to came over and stay through the weekend in Ipoh.
The first day we decided to drive to Cameron Highlands in Pahang (2-hour driving)

My girls. Known Dina for 4 years now

The first place to hit -Sungei Palas Tea Plantation

We came here for their tea and scones!

Oh look at those cakes. Nasi lemak cake? *gulp*

..over the tea

This wasnt my first time being in CH. Ive been to CH like a 10th times or more! Therefore its me being the tour guide *smile*. After teatime we went to the weekend market (Landmark: Copthorne Cameron Highlands) because you can get everything there!

Everything : Fruits, Vegetables, Plants/Herbs, Souvenirs (Key chains, soft toys), Tea, Cordials, Ready-to-eat Fast Food, Coffee/Scones, Chocolates, etc

Cactus at the market

Flowers at the market

Scones at the market

Strawberry at the market

Things we brought back (lotsa strawberry and BOH tea bags)

Malay style tea feat. BOH Strawberry-flacoured tea and CH's fresh Mushroom (deep fried)

Brought back honey from CH. I love authentic, natural honey! *recommended*

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