My Skin Care Routine : SK-II and Kate Somerville

12:08 AM

I've been battling with acne my whole life. As a result, I'm now left with pitted scars (and sometimes, hormonal acne as well *sigh*)

Although it doesn't affect my confidence because.. idk, I'm indestructible like that?

On January 2015, around the age of 26, I purchased the SK-II starter kit (Facial Treatment Essence (FTE), FT Clear Lotion & FT Mask) for about RM 199.

I started noticing a large improvement of : Translucency & Oil Regulation

I was so happy with the progress then, and started adding Clinique : Even Better Dark Spot Corrector to improve scarred areas. Sadly, not much improvement is made by the serum.

Soon after I finished a bottle of Clinique Dark Spot Corrector, I bought Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. And again, I kinda disappointed.

My PREVIOUS Skin Care Regime:
1. Facial Wash
2. SK-II FT Clear Lotion 
4. Clinique Spot Corrector/Estee Lauder ANR Serum
5. SK-II Stempower (Moisturizer)

Note : I dislike Stempower for its thick consistensy; I sometimes skipped the step because it made my face much oilier than it really is

My face is in general (before full range of SK-II) : Blushed all over.

On September 2016 I started buying full set of SK-II serums and moisturizer because I really need to appear radiant (not blushed, I sometimes blame the foundation oxidizing)

My CURRENT Skin Care Regime:
1. Facial Wash
2. SK-II FT Clear Lotion 
4. Kate Somerville D-Scar Diminishing Serum
5. SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence
6. SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX

For about 3 months now, my husband and I noticed a large improvement on my skin! I now achieve the skin with colour that matches my hand (which is previously much lighter than my blushed face), and I instantly approved that SK-II helps brightening my face

So far I am loving the regime and will continue using it.

Along with the SK-II I also been using this scar serum by Kate Somerville (Kate Somerville is loved by celebrities). My husband also told me that my scars have improved *but I always deny it haha*

Kate Somerville skin care

I am already happy with the result and whats left is mostly redness from the scar -which I hope will improve with SK-II Genoptics Spot Essence

Hopefully My FUTURE Skin Care Regime:
1. Facial Wash
2. SK-II FT Clear Lotion 
4. SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence & Spot Essence
5. SK-II Whitening Source Derm Brightener

Cannot wait!

Note : This is my personal review. All products are bought on my own

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