Kos Melancong ke Sydney

8:55 AM

Ribs set : AUD 19

Murah kan. Kalau macam di atas, 2 set jadinya AUD 38. Kalau makan di TTDI Meat Point pun import Aussie's Beef, harga import pun em, boleh tahan lah

Our's last time :

1. Transportation

  • Flight, Air Asia [KLIA2 - Kingsford Smith Airport] : RM 4,000.00 for 2 pax (return)
  • Airport transfer : Airport Link (Airport Rail Ticket/Opal), AUD 15.76 (one way)
  • Getting around : AUD 15/day
2. Hotel

  • Travelodge Phillip St, Sydney : AUD 150.00/night
Note : For current rate please visit TFE 's official WEBSITE

3. Admissions

  • Featherdale Wildlife Park : AUD 31 / pax
Note : For current rate please visit Featherdale Wildlife Park 's official WEBSITE

4. Food

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner cost in general : AUD 20 per meal, per pax
  • Seafood Platter at Sydney Fish Market : AUD 60 for 2 pax
Note : Contoh half size ribs macam dalam gambar is AUD 19, thats why we capped the meals to be 20 AUD/meal. Makan di Sydney Fish Market, however, cannot kedekut, because we had half a Lobster!

5. Souvenirs

  • We cap the souvenirs budget to be : AUD 50 per pax
Note : The cost again isnt important because its up to you, what you bring back home/plan to give to family and friends

6. Others

  • Shopping in Birkenhead Point Outlet : RM 1,000.00 (Swipe credit card)
  • Shopping in Westfield Pitt St (Laduree & Supre) : AUD 100 (kot, hehe lupa)


Kalau you guys dah pre-book and paid for Hotel & Flight, and cuma nak tahu berapa banyak cash (in AUD) yang nak bawa ke Sydney, my suggestion is as follows:

1. Food : Reserve AUD 20/meal

Note : Darab sendiri berapa kali you plan nak makan, if lets say 3x meals sehari nak makan meals yang confirm kenyang, so your budget will be AUD 60/day

2. Transportation (Opal) : Reserve AUD 30 untuk Airport Link + AUD 15/day

Note : Airport link (return, AUD 15 sehala) wajib. Tambahan AUD 15/day ni sebab if paling teruk pun in a day kita jalan, maximum charge AUD 15 sahaja. Capped at AUD 15. I myself dah cuba bila kami pergi ke Featherdale (1.5 hour journey) and balik Featherdale kami jalan lagi ke Birkenhead. Memang lepastu journey free shj. But make sure tap je Opal card macam biasa. Tap first baki XX, tap lagi sekali baki sama XX.

3. Souvenirs : Reserve AUD 50/pax

Note : Rasanya dah lebih daripada cukup, kalau beli untuk family rapat shj, tidak berlebihan (over) like what I did

4. Admissions : Follow Official Website

Note : Manala tau ada increase in price or ada seasonal promo, rajin-rajinlah check website tempat yang nak dituju tu

5. Emergency money : Reserve AUD 200/pax

Note : What I mean by emergency, is really an emergency. Kalau tertinggal flight/kena extend stay, gunalah credit card (jangan lupa aktifkan utk overseas usage)

Hope this helps!

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