Travelogue : Padang/Bukittinggi

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Note : Bukittinggi was not a typo *hehehe*

Jam Gadang, Bukittinggi, Indonesia, 2015

Have you ever tasted masakan minang Indonesia? I cannot rave about it enough, they are sooooo goooooooooood. So we went to Padang/Bukittinggi to experience local (authentic Minang/masakan Padang) food 

While me being a city girl (Im not rich, not spoilt but I live in the city all my life), Bukittinggi is never gonna be my choice for a great stay. It looks a lot like Cameron Highland (of course, CH is prettier) but less developed. However the food here is to-die-for!

My first Padang food (masakan Padang) experience was in Bali, and my husband told me it originated in Padang.

Lembah Anai, on our way from Padang to Bukittinggi

Railways (we dont have such tracks back home)

Arrived in Bukittinggi

Is this Ngarai Sianok? Cannot remember *urgh*

Breakfast at the hotel. The chicken porridge (Soto Ayam) tasted soooooo gooooood 

Us at Jam Gadang. If you buy keychain make sure its Jam Gadang aite..

I managed to get on a Bendi 

Note : in Malaysia, Bendi is a vegetable but here its horse carriage/kereta kuda

Im sorry, horsey

Nasi Kapau Ni-Er. The BEST

Some shopping. Malaysian love to buy good quality Telekung (muslim praying attire) here

Rumah Makan Lamun Ombak

Us having lunch in Rumah Makan Lamun Ombak, Padang

Oh so many!

This desserts by far is the best dessert I ever tasted! : Kue Bika

On our way to Kelok 44 & Danau Maninjau, we stopped to buy this peanuts. My favourite!

Not in photos:

1. Danau Maninjau & Kelok 44 (not for the faint-hearted!)
2. Sate Padang. OMG whats Padang trip without Sate Padang

In conclusion, I listed out those you should eat here in Padang/Bukittinggi :

1.  Gulai ayam
2. Sate Padang
3. Keropok Jangek
4. Balado / Sambal Lado
4. Daging Dendeng
5. Soto Ayam

Have you experienced Padang/Bukittinggi ?

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