How Education Changed My Life

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I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth

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I attended the public kindergarten and school. I got new school uniform once a year -mostly self made by my mom. I never worn Canggih (famous good quality school uniform brand) even until High School when everybody does.

Note : Remember, I graduated high school in 2004

I know knowledge is powerful. At just 7 years old, I determined to excel in studies because :

"I want people to believe my words. I want people to trust me. I want people to take me seriously. The only way I can achieve this is to be intelligent" -me at 7 years old

So I got No. 1 in class every year and the best achievement of my life is the Penilaian Tahap Satu (PTS) Exam -was made during the year our current PM YAB Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak was the Education Minister at that time

I passed the PTS Exam and therefore I could be exempted from attending 1-year education the following year.

Meaning, today I am Year 3 student and next year I am going to be a Year 5 student.

I remember precisely when my mom asked:
"Nak lompat kelas ke tak? // Do you want to skip the Year 4?"

"Nak. Boleh jimat setahun belanja buku sekolah // Yes. We can save money -by not buying the Year 4 text books"

So my peers changed from those who was born in the 1988 to 1987 
(i.e. I am a year younger than everyone in the class -except those of my kind)

To summarize, my big exams result are as follows:
1. 5As in UPSR
2. 8As in PMR
3. 9As in SPM

Soon after SPM I was granted the JPA scholarship to do A-Level (Engineering) -I was supposed to continue with Diplom & Masters Degree in Engineering in Germany. Being German is one tough language, in 2007 I was advised to repeat the DSH-Prufung in Goethe-Institut Malaysia.

Having second thought, I went to my sponsor and asked for their advise for my next move. I dont think I want to repeat the papers and I want to graduate soon. So the advisor (En Wan Azizam from JPA at that time) told me I could do my Degree locally and can choose any private Uni that accepted my A-Level as an entry requirement.

Note : Many local Universities only accepted SPM/STPM (while I did A-Level to match with the UK Education system)

Because my A-Level result was good, the JPA even provided me with their recommendation letter to accompany my applications to Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). I ended up choosing UNITEN because I couldnt stand UTP location too *one remote place, sigh*

That letter of recommendation is still in my keep. I love my Government! They're so nice

So I did my Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, fully sponsored by the JPA (Government). I did well in my University years too with few times Dean's List and Alhamdulillah, graduated with a good CGPA.

Before graduated, I had my Industrial Training with UMW Toyota (Assembly Services Sdn Bhd). Once I graduated, my work offers (before my position now) are :
1. Pipeline Engineer in O&G company
2. Mechanical Engineer with the Government
3. Also being offered sponsorhip from UiTM for Masters programme

I finally choose Option (2) because of the stability of the job.


I wasnt highly paid but my life is good now.

What Education has done to you?

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