How to Improve Life : Marriage (Marhaen-style)

5:58 AM

Early Note : Marhaen = middle income earner, mostly married couples with both party working. If you're not in the category, this might not suits you

I remember growing up, somewhere in early twenties when my mom said, 

"You get married and improve your life"

For example, alone you could afford an apartment (talking around 200-400k). Together you could afford a landed house (500k onwards). This is true if you'd like to combine both names in the property-lah. If you planned for one-property-each then that's better, one for own stay and another up for a lease

Everything is a matter of choice

How do I afford to travel?

My husband has paid for all the living expenses/monthly commitments (i.e. up to the car I'm driving) and topped it up with giving me my monthly nafkah (monthly pocket money by muslim husbands as practiced in Malaysia).

While I am making a money myself (working professionally), my monthly pay is mostly for:

Savings, Emergency & Leisure

We are in the middle of moving to our first house now. And we are hoping by 2020 we will be getting another properties done (completion) and achieve all goals/purposes of living

We enjoyed a little bit of financial freedom and this is how we do it

Note : by all means you should choose your partner wisely

Hope this motivates you ! Get married and support each other!

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