Tombstone : Elana

11:52 AM

When Elana was pronounced dead by the PAED in HRPB Ipoh, we decided to have her buried in Selangor. We had her Dimandikan, dikafankan dan disolatkan in Ipoh.

We brought her back and she was buried around 9pm.

Families, including friends attended the solat jenazah kedua di Selangor.

Id like to thank everyone -friend, families for the presence and the doa. Especially Kak Yan who cooked meals for the guests, Mak Uda from Perak, Jani and Paksu from Malacca, Ruqayyah and Syed Amar who went straight from their office after work. You pretty people deserve the ultimate happiness

Elana's grave. In Malay tradition, "turun batu" is done after a few months (to let soil settlement occur first, I believe)

Elana's grave with proper tombstone and finish

Dear Elana,

There wasnt a day that I havent think about you
I hope youre watching me and babah from up there
Please be happy up there
Please wish us well
Please wait for us up there in the Heaven
Please know that mommy carries you in my heart
-through my walk, through every breath i take
Please greet Atok for me
Please greet Nenek (Ibu) for babah
Please be just fine over there

Mommy & Babah

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