Birth Story : Elana

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Elana, #29-weeker, #micropreemie

On March 3rd I was hospitalized due to PIH (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) although my monthly maternal check-up results were normal (HB 13+, BP normal, Urine normal). 

On the day I went check-up on the 3rd March, my BP went up to 120/90. And it went up until 160/90. But to be honest, I didnt feel anything weird. Not a tiny feeling of nauseous, etc. And soon after some rest and the BP didnt drop, I was brought from the KKIA to the HRPB, Ipoh by an ambulance.

I was warded in the HDU (High Dependency Unit) and was referred to Dr Japaraj to do the doppler scan. It wasnt my first time seeing Dr Japaraj, as I had a weekly appointment with him (a Fetomaternal specialist, GH Ipoh) due to Elana being an IUGR baby.

On the March 4th after the growth/doppler scan, Dr Japaraj said we could wait few more weeks to let Elana more mature in the womb. And I already got Dexa shots a week before (to prepare for early delivery)

Later that day, I peed blood (just a little blood). CTG done, no contractions. No bukaan (opening). And then my BP went up to 220/90. Before I had sawan/the possibility of placental rupture (or the baby could be a stillbirth), the doctors had me in the OT urgently. (Emergency LSCS)

A place for Elana in the NICU was booked, I signed few papers and the doctors had me injected with many many steroids (kot, believed to be Magnesium Sulfate?) The heat went up to the tiniest vein I could possibly own.

And that was the first time ever I was warded, cut open in the OT. I didnt sleep throughout the process, I get to answer the PAED  who asked me whats the gender of my baby, I got to kiss her first and pull the *thumbs up* sign to the surgeon at the end of the procedure.

I was officially a NICU mom

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