Life Update : May 2017

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Almost 1/2 a year has passed -which means I shall recap my goals mentioned on this post : 2017 New Year Resolution

Left : 2017 Penang trip
Right : (hopefully) 2018 Mini Euro-trip 
(photos taken from IG @topeuropephoto by @luisdortiz)

1. Lose weight / eat well

Postpartum weight loss = 13 kg

Greatest achievement in 2017, I shed 13 kg in total (from birth of Elana), around 6 kg from my pre-pregnancy weight, which means I seriously have lost weight. Hehe. To make it more interesting, my goal is to go back to my pre-wedding self, which means another 4 kg to lose!

P.s. Im not starving, I eat rice like usual. I only go for healthier options and organics produces, wherever I can. 

2. Save money for the 2018 Mini Euro-trip

Why mini? Because having more than a week-long leave is almost an impossible thing to be done -for both of us

P.s. We were thinking of for a start, explore Europe in this order : Paris - Venice - Rome - Florence - Paris. Shall be in November 2018

Already had rough plan/itinerary, but my only focus now is to save, save, save! It has been doing well, I guess, since I actually havent use up all my KWSP money hehehe.

3. Other : Travel Wishlist

P.s. Travel wishlist stated in this post : Travel Wishlist

1. Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia : DONE ✔
2. Malacca (Historical city), Malaysia : PENDING
3. Pulau Redang, Terengganu, Malaysia : PENDING
4. Taman Negara, Pahang : DELETE FROM LIST
5. Pulau Pinang / Penang, Malaysia : DONE ✔

Will made separate post(s) for the travel part so stay tuned! Taman Negara is deleted because in 2014, major flood happened causing Taman Negara to close for about a month. Warning has been released in January 2017, so I think this travel plan to Taman Negara in 2017 could wait/be postponed to another year.

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More life update(s), 6 months from now!

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