2017 Highlight : My 29th Birthday at Four Seasons Sydney, NSW, Australia

3:00 PM

Best Birthday Ever!

March is a bittersweet month of the year. 

I got married in the end 2013, conceived straightaway and lose it in March 2014.

Pregnant again in 2015, gave birth to Elana on 5th March 2016, losing her later that month.

I have been on confinement on my birthday;


So to compensate all the losses and bitter moments we had, we decided to celebrate my birthday months being at my favourite place on earth.

Husband knows I have been eyeing on Four Seasons Hotel Sydney since 2015 (the first time we planned for Sydney trip, but knowing we would be spending time outdoors, we choose cheaper stay : Travelodge Phillip St, the first time we went to Sydney)

Four Seasons Sydney, as well as some other hotels in Circular Quay, offer the harbour view : Sydney Opera House view, Harbour Bridge view or simply both.

P.s. But as far as Im concerned, Four Seasons Sydney have the best view at the best rate 💗 so this is our review on the recent stay in Four Seasons Sydney.

Our stay is the Full Harbour Deluxe King, and is on high floor (pre-request). Being one of the best hotels, of course they paid attention to detail(s), I have no complaints

Our room

Four Seasons Sydney : Full harbour view

Full harbour view : when it rains.. 30th March -it rains all day

Full harbour view : in the evening

Full harbour view : after Subuh

And the staffs rang our bell to send this birthday cake & card from the Hotel and it was very nice of a surprise..

The cake tastes awesomeee. So rich and heavenly.. 

Thank you, Four Seasons Sydney for making our Melbourne/Sydney trip the most memorable one. The warm welcome and top notch services is definitely contagious : I'LL BE BACK FOR MORE.

The phrase went, "They'll tell two friends... and they'll tell two friends... and so on, and so on..." - See more at: http://www.whistlerquestion.com/opinion/columnists/good-service-is-contagious-1.1277046#sthash.sBNgR0hx.dpuf

If you're new to Four Seasons Sydney, Id say not to worry about transport. Other than taxi/private car/limousine, it is so frigging close to the Circular Quay train station, you'd never have the chance to sweat -walking from train station (Circular Quay station) to the Hotel.

FS Sydney Location : Superb!

Although I wont be planning of going to Sydney anytime soon, Im sure I'll be back once every few year, just to enjoy the magnificent view ♡

Thank you!

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