ColourPop Haul : feat. the New Ultra Blotted Lip

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ColourPop cosmetics always left me intrigued. I started my humble collection with just 5 pcs liquid lipsticks and a face palette (Highlighter & Bronzer)

I bought it online, only to discover there are fake ones available in the market. (through watching Youtube and online reading)

So I bought 2,3 pcs from a friend just to try them out and get the feeling and get the colour baseline first

P.s. you know, when you think USL Echo Park is coral, you'll be looking for swatches online (because theyre just too many!) that has coral-looking Echo Park, to determine the next colour you'd purchase!

Or simply, you'd ignore swatches that didnt show Echo Park is coral enough (that means the swatches has filter/helps, hence not true to natural light)

And then I didnt reorder (from friend) because I thought the new releases (back then) were too pink, too coral or too brown.

So when ColourPop released the new Ultra Blotted Lip, I watched from Youtube and I thought, well thats cool. Long wearing yet sheer! And while I think Im going to topup and fill my Muji Drawer, I bought a lot of them on my own!

The half-filled drawer now full! 1 Muji drawer can hold 14 pcs of ColourPop liquid lipsticks 
(2-4pcs at the back!)

When the package arrived. Im a happy lady!

My Collection

My Collection now are:

1. 8 x Ultra Matte Lip
2. 4 x Ultra Satin Lip
3. 2 x Ultra Blotted Lip
4. 1 x Ultra Glossy Lip

So lets straightaway proceed to the swatches. They are all done in natural light (I just sit by my room balcony, no extra lighting whatsoever) so yeah, I think this is the best one to show!


Clueless has been my favourite ever, it might applied as a shocking opaque pink at first, but I just dot and use the smallest amount possible and it dries out extremely nice shade of rose-petal-kinda-pink

Yeah, like you literally had rose petal in true dark pink shade and paste onto your lip.

So Im loving UML Clueless, and based from the above I think I might love UML Monday, UML Midi and UML Bianca.


Less staying power so I think I'd wear this less. You'd feel more comfortable on lips when applied, but I'd prefer long wearing ones. But in this collection I love Echo Park and it was my first purchase


Hands down, this is the best formula ever! It really sheer and really waterproof/transferproof/smudgeproof, you can REALLY FAKE natural bitten/flushed/coloured lips with these lippies! Look how you can still see my skin but in better pigment (for lips)

I have been wearing UBL Zuma all the time! *chuckles*

Till next post!

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