Euseff's First Birthday : Cake Smashing

9:30 AM

Dear my baby Seff,
Words cannot describe just how much you meant to me
Just how much you were a surprised, yet so wanted
You brings so much colors than a rainbow
I love you more and more each day if it's possible
You made me feel alive again
You made me have goals again
You made me have a purpose, have an important role
You made me want to be the best
You bring out the best in me

You make me a happier me ❤️

The cake-smashing session, however, was not a success hehehe

We found out that Seff is afraid of the cake! Not the minion cake, apparently.. >.<

Note : After the first session, Seff had a 1.5 hour long nap and still was in a bad mood. Took out the rug, add some toys and not much improvement made. Smile outside of the ring (with proof), cried again when is near the cake. Funny to watch! 

But there will always something new to learn, yes?

Cannot wait until next event -Akikah!

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