Low Section Ceasarian Section (LSCS) vs. Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery (SVD)

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Although I made it clear in my last post that I dont expect a successful VBAC (so please note that I dont have a clue/tips on VBAC), I am grateful for which I experienced both types of child birth -I guess Im in a good position to compare the two

P.s. The opinions are strictly mine and might not match with yours; but I do like if you readers can leave comment(s) if you feel just like me (or anything/want to share your experiences)


When I had it : March 2016
Details : Emergency LSCS; for my first born Elana

I need the emergency LSCS when my blood pressure spiked up to 220/xx, although earlier the Fetomaternal Specialist Dr Japaraj would like me to retain the pregnancy for as long as I can (until the doppler scan favours less, or just in my case, my sky high BP put both Elana and I in danger)

Had my Epidural, I was sent to the OT and safely delivered Elana, our little angel who passed away after 17days of life in the NICU

But the procedure was easy -it was stated in my discharge note/maternal record that I have no intra-op complications & no blood transfusions (thank God, this is what I favour less, but I was blessed with high HB throughout pregnancy -never falls below 12.0)

Recovering from LSCS was also easy -I remember there was not so much pain (probably because Elana was small, the cut made also matched the small size). Post-op, I also refused to take pain killer pills and was asked by the nurse -why did I not empty my pills tray. I told them I felt no pain, and I remember the nurse replied with "are you sure you feel no pain?"

P.s. Judging from me not complaining my childbirth experiences at all, and me ignoring contractions because I think it was bearable, I THINK I HAVE (SKY) HIGH TOLERANCES WITH PAIN 😅

I also didnt have issues with sneezing/coughing (only felt a denyut-denyut during the confinement period), and then felt nothing (which I heard from a friend, sneezing/coughing hurts her even after 1 year post-op 😣)

And for recovery, I took Vitamin C supplements and Ikan Haruan (hehe although not being advised to do so) to speed up the process. I also got my period in May, as soon as 2 weeks after confinement period


When I experienced it : December 2017
Details : No drugs/all natural birth, during which I delivered our second born, Euseff

The initial plan is to straightaway going for an elective LSCS due to high BP, and we simply didnt mind with lower number of pregnancy/child -as long as the delivery is smooth and safe

P.s. before preparing for delivery, I even stock up on Vitamin C supplements & told the pharmacist in charge (chitchatting over the need to buy Vit C) Im going for an elective LSCS

A little earlier than 38weeks of pregnancy, my water broke and that allows me for an attempt on VBAC. Alhamdulillah, the delivery is also easy because ot happened in short amount of time (less than an hour -from the strong contractions to finally get the baby out)

I attended antenatal class, but being taught none about the breathing technique/etc. So during the vaginal delivery, I just follow my instinct because the need to push (the baby out) is rather natural, like you really wanted to have this massive, giant poop out. LOL

P.s. (okay in Malay because this is embarassing) Masa meneran tu I did it dengan bisingnyaaa, nasib baik proses tu sekejap for me (2 kali push only) sebab sebolehnya (pernah baca) jangan bazir tenaga menjerit so u olls tak cepat penat masa the last push. Kan?

Recovering from SVD is also easy, I also skipped taking the pain killers they prescribed, I had no wound/stitches reopen during confinement, and basically had nothing to complaint


  1. The easier delivery method is definitely LSCS, just because the strong contractions is a bitch, and provided that you had no contractions prior to LSCS (else, it could be double the pain)

  1. I had smooth bowel movement in both method of deliveries too (passing stool daily). So I heard they said post SVD, moms had trauma going to do their no. 2 business?

  1. I am not too strict with pantang -no herbal bath/param/pilis etc. Both times I only used 1 modern jamu & massage oil. And for ceasarian, I avoid lifting heavy weights and I dont consume chicken & eggs up to 3 months (and very strict about it)

  1. Getting back to shape is easier for SVD than LSCS. I remember my tummy went straight to flat after the baby's out and my husband commented that I already back in shape the very first week. Post-ceasarian, I had a bulkier area on top of the ceasarian stitch that is difficult to shed (took months). I believe when they teared us open, all the fats were pushed up and left there making it double the volume (of fat) around that area. Sobs

P.s. I believe I had easy deliveries because.. I had rough pregnancies. There will be balances in life, you know?

Mind sharing experiences of yours?

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  1. Spontaneous vaginal delivery possible after two cesarean?

    1. Hi, I am so sorry I couldn't comment on those (not my expertise). But I believe that would be VBA2C. I only did VBAC and therefore I know nothing about VBA2C..

      Please have an expert to comment on that ya! :)


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