On My Wishlist : Bags & Purses

12:27 PM

While July has been a horrible month (I was hospitalized in mid-July), I just want to fill this empty blog with another wish list of mine

I talked none about my dream bag. Mainly because a bag wasn't the top priority, I have other goals in life (which is to further study, travel while still young, building a family, etc)

But in between each goals I obviously been eye-ing on certain bags. Plus, I wanted to travel to Europe and probably gonna score some pressies for myself (for all the achievement and hardwork, ahems)

1. CHANEL Classic Flap

Going to cost around MYR 20k, which is ridiculous, Id probably downgrade to mini hehehe. But if I have the money, Id choose either : Black with silver hardware, or Beige with gold hardware. Only these pairs work perfectly in my eyes >.<


Purpose : Nesting bag, travel bag ☺

3. YSL Wallet On Chain 

I think I prefer WOC the most, since Id like to travel hands-free. YSL one has the most classy look for WOC (according to me)

4. GUCCI Soho Disco

While I think YSL WOC leans more toward my feminine, formal side, Id like GUCCI soho disco more for casual wearing. And I like its simplicity. Only the tassle bothers me (looks old HAHA)

5. CHLOE Drew

If I dont buy CHANEL mini, Id probably go for Chloe Drew for its elegant, feminine style. But will probably rethink about colour choices which relates to an extreme high amount of care, idk, thus this is last on the wishlist! Fancy their design, but to really own it, not so much..

Till next post!

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