Seff's Weaning Journey & Recipes (8 - 10 months) : Suitable for babies with Cow's Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA)

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Note : This post is long kept as draft. The recipes, however, has been in my Instagram stories labelled Cookbook

Seff all-time favourites are definitely Chicken and Fish porridge, and follow his usual meal plan as follows:

Breakfast (porridge)
Snack (fruit puree)
Lunch (porridge)
Snack (fruit puree)
Dinner (porridge)

For recipes : refer HERE

And then I'd like to challenge his taste buds to something different, at 8m we already made him taste the egg yolk (boiled eggs, the one we had when I made Nasi Lemak) and he has no issue with egg (yolk). So I made him more food involved egg -Roti Jala, brownies, etc and he enjoyed them!

The food I made are :

1. Roti Jala

Roti Jala Recipe:
1. Combine Flour + Water + Egg + turmeric powder + salt in a blender and blend well
2. Using its special tool (Roti Jala dispenser), create a spider web-like pattern on non-stick pan until cooked
3. Fold according to your preference

Enjoy this Roti Jala with curry/gulai of your choice, served them without gravy for your baby. But since the meal wont be a balanced meal, have your baby eat his/her vege separately (finger food)

2. Chicken Bolognese

Chicken Bolognese Recipe:
1. Fry chopped onions with olive oil
2. Add tomato paste. Cook in medium heat with chicken, and add broccoli/vege of your choice towards the last minutes (of cooking)
3. In another pot, cook pasta until ala dente
4. Serve pasta with gravy on top, or blend well according to your baby's preferences

You can add more vege to the tomato gravy. Example : carrot, celery etc

3. Bubur Lambuk 

Bubur Lambuk Recipe:
1. Fry sliced onions with oil (I use the usual palm oil)
2. Combine the caramelized onions into a well cooked rice porridge (for the family, I fried the onions separately, adding rempah sekawan -bunga lawang, cengkih, pelaga & kayu manis)
3. Add beef and chicken, cook well and add carrot/vege of your choice towards the last minute
4. Add original santan and cook for about 1-2 minutes, stirring all the time
5. Serve warm, always check temperature before feeding your baby

Seff did not finish this and puke instead T.T luckily I made this bubur lambuk for the whole family so my effort not all wasted-lah haha because I recall my mom said 
"kesian mommy -gagah masak itu ini"

Anything for you, my baby 

4. Nasi Tomato (Tomato Rice)

Dairy-Free Brownies Recipe:
1. Cook rice/rice porridge
2. Combine rice/rice porridge with chicken and diced tomatoes + peas
3. Processed the combinations
4. Serve warm, always check temperature before feeding your baby

5.  Fish Pasta (my own version of Mac & Cheese*)

Fish Pasta Recipe:
1. Cook pasta until ala dente
2. Gravy : Cook a little rice porridge with dory fish, onions, carrot and broccoli
3. Processed the gravy. At this point it tastes pretty creamy and fatty, almost like cheese (minus the smell because its fishy)
4. Combine the pasta and gravy together
5. Serve warm, always check temperature before feeding your baby

*Cheese contains cow's milk, since Seff has Cow's Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA), his diet will be free from milk products

Additional Snack

Just something I'd like to share because I didn't include this in the previous post :
Seff's Weaning Journey & Recipe : 6 - 7 months

1. Pear + Banana

Pear-Banana Puree Recipe:
1. Peel and remove seeds from the pear
2. Slice/dice into pan and simmer for 5 mins until tender (same procedure for making apple puree) 
3. Place the cooked pear into the processor
4. Processed pear & fresh sliced banana until smooth and ready to serve/freeze for a week
5. Always check freshness before feeding

2. (Dairy-Free) Mashed Potato

Mashed Potato Recipe:
1. Cook diced potatoes together with chicken and onions/chicken bone broth (cbb)
2. Combine and processed the ingredients together, can add breastmilk (optional)
3. Serve warm, always check temperature before feeding your baby

From 11 months old, we tried giving him adult food once in a while to see if he's ready to accept. And we remember giving him anything (undoubtful) when we went to a breakfast buffet at Hilton Hotel. He ate them well and therefore, farewell, porridge and puree! *wave goodbye*

Until next post!
(I'd like to do instagram-worthy healthy bento/kid breakfast next)

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