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So I went to Malaysia GP every year, except for this year, the F1NALE.

Surprisingly (I am sooo surprised myself) I wrote that I wont be going to the F1NALE in THIS POST, but I didnt know I am going to be pregnant or anything at that time. Huh

Why I choose not to witness the F1NALE?

1. No Nico Rosberg

I've been rooting for Nico since he drove with Williams racing, in 2008 to be exact. And his retirement shocked me the most, since I think he got so much potential to repeat his victory, but then the decision is his and I respected that. I'm glad I've spent some money (we both did) buying his merchandise, not knowing it would be our last chance to do it in 2016. 

P.s. Usually we bought only 1 t-shirt, but in 2016 we bought 2 t-shirts, 1 NICO cap, so yeah, like I got the instinct already *LOL*

2. F1NALE = too much crowd

I am no fan of a crowded place, I dont do Baby expo, I practically hate queueing in Zara store during mid season sale, Id rather straightaway purchase haha. And I dont do holiday/travel in high season. Enough to proof that I hate being in the sea of people?

Thus, I already foresee that there'll be huge crowd coming to witness the F1NALE -from those who dont even watch the game, to those who just scored free tickets from their company. So, the CROWD WILL BE DIFFERENT. No, thank you

3. F1NALE free seating? = WTF?

I was shocked knowing that there will be free seating in the Main Grandstand, as opposed to every year held. So I saw this fav blogger of mine kind of "reserved" the seat for her family so she got the best seat/view. STRANGE. Also pissed me, if I were one of the paid spectator zz

Usually my activity during the GP will be : 

I took time outside the seating to queue for the autograph session of my favourite drivers.. I went to the Grandstand to watch Drivers' Parade, I took time outside again purchasing foods/drinks/merchandise.. and got back to my seat again (without the worry that someone might took my seat zzz)

4. I want my last Malaysia GP Experience to be the best

Considering point no. (2) & (3), Im afraid I might hate the GP/the bad impressions last a lifetime, so yeah, I think my 2016 Malaysia GP is good enough.. and the best. You know, in 2009 the full 56 laps got stopped due to heavy rain, and i was furious. If the last GP experience is like 2009's, I might attended the 2017 to make up the bad experiences. Luckily, the 2016 GP is great.

P.s. Finally, I got some good point to witness the F1 GP in other countries. Hey, husband! *give hints* Lets go to Australia/Singapore next time!

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