#SyeraBirthdayTrip2017 Summary

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I havent really finished blogging about my Birthday trip 2017 -which is a week-long trip from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne & Sydney in March 2017.

I only covered the Melbourne part as follows:

I still didnt cover the Sydney part of the trip, mainly because it wasnt our first time, and you may find our experiences (the highly important -one must experience in Sydney) from these posts:

and the extra post on total trip costs : (still applied to our Melbourne/Sydney trip 2017)

I told my husband the next time we were in Sydney, Id like to travel in style/leisure -unlike the previous trip where we were staying outdoor (so many awesome places to visit -we wanted to pet koalas and kangaroos, we wanted fresh seafood, we love Bondi beach..)

Husband knows I frequently checked out Four Seasons Hotel price (since 2015) because I used his Expedia account and those sketchpads tell a lot you know.. HAHA) He knew my love for the Full Harbour View. Granted, FS Sydney is definitely our 2017 Highlight.

Refer post : 


(I might as well repost this so it stays on top of my page LOL)

Birthday haul

So for the Sydney trip 2017, we revisited Bondi Beach, as we really loved this beach and cant move on..

We started the following day in Sydney having breakfast at the Speedos Cafe like the our last trip in 2016 -this time couldnt score outside seats (but nevermind really)

It was an extremely hot, sunny day (according to me) so I gotta get some gelato (or froyo, I cant remember precisely =.=)

We LOVE Bondi Beach..

Comparing Bondi Beach in Spring 2016 vs Fall 2017, I think Id choose Spring the next time! So I heard summer in Sydney this time is around 41degrees (Celcius), mann, thats scorching hot!

We went to the Darling Harbour for lunch (planned to hit either Crinitis/Rashays)

So we found Rashays' first and decided to have lunch here
(with Lunch promo price some more hehehe)

Our lunch

When in Australia, have Chai Latte

And we hit the QVB (Queen Victoria Building for some quick shopping at Lush and Mecca)

We dont have Lush in Malaysia, the closest store is in Singapore but the price is wayyy too high! Lush Au is cheaper so I did get some bombs and products!

Bought BareMinerals (brand not found in Malaysia) in Mecca Maxima

And that is the only day in Sydney trip 2017 that we spent time outdoor. We stayed in Four Seasons, so we fully utilized the time indoor and just enjoyed the killer view of Sydney iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge day and night..

.. with Lush bath bombs..

.. taking thousand of photos..

.. sleeping.. (and probably baby-making LOL)

.. had in-room breakfast..

eat out (we went to Ribs & Burgers in the Rocks because its our favourite!)

There was one whole day that it rains all day long (day and night) and we glad we spent the day being indoor.

Borrowed FS Sydney umbrella out for dinner

Im a sucker under sun (cant stand the heat), but didnt mind wearing slippers in rains, at night. Im definitely an Ice Queen bahaha!

We spent our last day in Sydney meet up with Amie in Sydney Uni. So we had lunch at Ralph's Cafe @ USyd

.. not forgetting buying t-shirts & keychain at Paddy's Market

Best Birthday Ever!

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